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Practical Shooting Scoring System for the Palm

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PalmSS stands for Palm Scoring System. A little application for the Palm handhelds meant to keep score for practical shooting competitions.

The author of this software is Guido Falsi <mad@madpilot.net>, I can be reached at this email for any info, suggestion, bug reports and comments. Please send flames and spam to /dev/null.

I have in fact not updated this software for a long time. I do not own any handheld PC anymore and I also don't go shooting anymore due to lack of time(I'd like to anyway). Furthermore, I moved to a new house and I never configured CVSWeb on the new server, so it is not possibile anymore to navigate the CVS tree via web.

This page and the downloads will be anyway available in the future, should this software or it's sources be of use to anyone.

Should anyone use these sources to make some application or find the software useful I'd love to hear from you!. Thank you!


9 January 2009:
As stated above I finally updated this page to be in line with the real situation. Not owning a Palm and not attending practical shooting matches anymore I cannot develop this software further.


Below you can download version 0.0.9beta2 binary and source. Please keep in mind that this is a beta version, so still in testing. As previous versions this one too should work with any PalmOS firmware versions except 1.0(every info about compatibily is very much appreciated).

to compile this you will need the prc-tools suite, the palm SDK and pilrc. Also note that development is being made under the FreeBSD OS, with other OSes requirements may vary.

The software licence is a BSD style licence with copyright © 2004 Guido Falsi <mad@madpilot.net>

As a special note I also make no endorsment about the accuracy of the scoring of this software. I'm writing it for my peronal use, and hope it will be useuseful for others too, especially with all the features I have in mind added, but I make no warranties, as the licence terms already state.

Other Info and Links

If you don't know what practical shooting is, you can have a look at the IPSC website, or the USA Association site. Italian people can also have a look at the italian federation site.

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